NEON –World’s First Artificial Human

Sandrin Joy
3 min readSep 29, 2020
Samsung’s new AI Powered Avatar — Prototypes

NEON was introduced by Samsung at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas 2020, which is considered as the world’s first Artificial human. These are digital avatars powered by Artificial Intelligence that will be able to sympathize and converse like humans. Even though they are computer generated, they look, respond and learn like real people. A NEON can have its own character, qualities, and thinking capabilities like us.

NEONs can be your friend, tutor, guidance counselor, TV anchor, news reporter, or even a movie actor. The idea is to assign them to specific roles that require human communication. They can do exactly as humans do in these roles without any faults. For example, you could learn yoga from a NEON which can show the postures and act more like a human teacher, correct our mistakes, and teaches according to our learning skills and capabilities. Even though they are digital, they do live inside the computer as ‘virtual beings’. They will join the world and help humans for building a better future. Maybe In the future, they may create a world ‘virtually’ where they can live like humans. What if humans are some kind of NEONs of some other intelligent species?

Alike to a human, the memories and communications are secured with one specific NEON. And the company claims that privacy is at the core of this project. They want it to remain isolated, the company doesn’t want it to be an edge between the user and the internet. That they don’t want it to be like Apple Siri or Amazon Alexa. Also, NEONs are not designed to remain lifeless. They show live emotions and expressions according to the situation. For instance, if you scold them, they are setbacks or even they become angry.

NEON’s proclamation comes from a realization of AI-manipulated computer videos known as ‘deep fakes’ and additional concerns as to how they could be used to mislead or influence badly. Some people fear that these fake results could be misused. For illustration, during political elections aggravate political tensions.

Inspired through the “rhythmic complexities of nature”, the platform allows NEONs to react in much less than a few milliseconds whilst a question is asked in real-time.

An additional project is still in development called SPECTRA with more artificial intelligence, machine learning, emotions, and memory. Facebook has also started a project called Codec Avatars which will let the users make virtual avatars of themselves to use when they connect to others in Virtual Reality (VR). Tesla founder Elon Musk also attempted to bridge the gap between people and era with his tech start-up NeuraLink, which plans to build transplants that join human brains with computer interfaces thru AI that may lead to a future of superhuman intelligence.

Lastly, I would like to say that some of the human tasks will be replaced by these artificial humans and many might lose their existing jobs but there will be many jobs evolving for Human Intelligence. Simply, Human Intelligence is everlasting & eternal.